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Woman implicates Sonko and Shebesh in pornography saga

 By County411 Online reporter


sonkoA woman  believed to have relations with Nairobi County Senator, Gideon Mbuvi Sonko was yesterday arraigned in court on pornography-related charges. In a shocking turn of events, the woman through her lawyer, Geofrey Wasonga, told the court that she had been subjected to intimidation by the Nairobi senator and Nairobi women representative, Rachel Shebesh into admitting the accusations leveled against her. Sonko is now listed among four people the prosecution intends to present as witnesses in the case.


The woman is facing charges of managing an illegal organization involved in production and distribution of pornography in the country and abroad. The woman had earlier attempted to lure an under-age girl, a relative of Sonko into taking  photos in the nude. In a recorded telephone conversation, the woman is heard giving the minor instructions on how to go about the exercise of taking photos in a bikini and naked!


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